Financial institutions are in peril if their data is incomplete, inaccurate and unavailable when needed. Poor quality data can lead to regulatory fines, overlooked risk exposure and missed revenue opportunities. Without accurate and fit-for-purpose data, executives cannot make timely and well-informed decisions to adapt to changing regulations, new competitive threats and emerging market opportunities.

Trillium provides Self Service Data Assurance Solutions that can help institutions accelerate compliance with a variety of regulations including AML/KYC, BCBS 239, CCAR and FATCA, among others. Our visually rich self-service platform implemented on premise or in the cloud empowers users to seamlessly assess, validate, analyze and monitor data while improving collaboration across teams. Data Assurance Dashboards increase data transparency to support insightful decision making. Backed by Trillium’s advisory services, our proven approach helps institutions design and implement sustainable data governance processes to align people, processes and technology. With Trillium’s Solutions, financial institutions can realize business value in 90 days or less and have confidence that the data that drives their Compliance, Big Data, Business Intelligence and Analytics, and Marketing initiatives is accurate and fit for purpose.

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