Partners Overview

Trillium Software Partners

We recognized early that for any successful Trillium Software implementation, data quality is but one piece of the entire solution. That is why we created our Alliance Program through which we form partnerships with leading providers of software, consulting and implementation support services. The Alliance Program encompasses global resellers, integration partners and technology partners.

Trillium Software Alliance Program

Through our Alliance Program, Trillium Software Partners receive all of the tools, training and ongoing support they need to help customers achieve Total Data Quality.

The goal of our Alliance Program is to:

  • Allow customers to maintain choice when making their business decisions.
  • Allow customers to work with firms with which they already have long-standing relationships.
  • Allow customers to maximize the return on their existing technology infrastructure.

You can find a Trillium Software partner or request information about becoming a partner with Trillium Software.

Global resellers are an extension of Trillium Software in the geographic regions they serve. They provide pre-sales consultation and post-sales implementation and support. Our mutual development teams work to ensure that Trillium Software products keep pace with international data quality standards.

Integration partners provide you with the technical expertise and best practices for implementing our data profiling and data quality solutions.

Technology partners offer software applications to which we add value with our data profiling and data quality tools. Trillium Software provides open interfaces to all products and platforms and we work closely with our technology partners to enhance their capabilities.


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