ETL Connectivity

Bringing data quality to ETL projects

Perhaps you already have an ETL capability in-house. But before you can successfully “extract, transfer and load,” the underlying data must be clean, consistent and properly organized. And you need an accurate, business-friendly way to assess and manage the quality of data that enters your ETL tool.

The Trillium Software System® prepares ETL projects for data integration or migration through its automated data profiling technology. Although many ETL applications have some data profiling or data analysis capabilities, most organizations demand the best that a data quality tool can provide, which is why they turn to Trillium Software.

You'll also gain two distinct advantages:

  • Business-user access: While technology professionals are data structure experts, it’s the business users who have the deepest understanding of content and context. Business professionals can bring their concerns—what the data means and how it's actually used—into the discussion. That’s why Trillium Software makes its data profiling solution business-friendly, with an interface anyone can use and understand.
  • Automated analysis: Most so-called data profiling technology depends on queries—unfortunately, that means you can only find the problems you anticipate. Trillium Software completely automates the data analysis, uncovering issues that may remain hidden from queries.

With the Trillium Software profiling results in hand, you can design target systems, accurately integrate multiple data sets, and efficiently move data to a new system, taking all data conditions into consideration.

Connect to the Trillium Software System to get the job done

With Trillium Software, the data quality rules you create for today's ETL project can be reused for any subsequent single or enterprise-wide application you wish .Trillium Software gives you the power of choice to apply all the benefits of the Trillium Software System®to a variety of applications including:

  • Informatica PowerCenter 
  • Ab Initio Co>Operating System 
  • Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) 
  • Oracle Warehouse Builder (OWB) 
  • IBM Information Integrator (formerly Ascential Data Stage) 
  • Syncsort DM Express 
  • Microsoft SSIS 

Streamline your next ETL project

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