The Challenge

The automotive industry faces increasing pressure to improve revenue, customer loyalty and regulatory compliance while dealing with data spread across a growing number of customer and supplier touchpoints. Disparate, unstandardized data sources increase the challenges of improving operational efficiency and understanding how customers interact with your brand.

More than 50% of customers make their decision online, emphasizing the importance of managing the online channel for car makers

43% of people are loyal to a specific car brand they previously purchased

The Solution

Trillium Software cleanses, standardizes, matches and enriches your global business information, allowing you to leverage single, accurate views of critical customer, supplier and parts data to:

  • Increase revenue and improve customer loyalty, with more accurate customer purchase records and more accurate contact information for routine customer communications
  • Minimize excessive costs by validating customer and dealer addresses
  • Maximize supply chain efficiencies by standardizing product and part names and descriptions across global supply chain distributions
  • Improve real-time customer service and warranty support by ensuring that all customer records and purchase histories are accurate and up to date
  • Ensure compliance with industry and government regulations by aligning data to required quality standards

When Porsche or its subsidiaries or dealerships search for a customer in mySAP CRM, the Trillium Software System acts almost invisibly to ensure a full and accurate record is presented. Millions of records are searched in less than a second.


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