The Challenge

If hospitality and travel companies cannot provide a high-quality, personalized experience from the very first point of contact, they risk losing customers. Even worse, unhappy customers can share their negative experiences on social media, driving away both current and potential customers.

Information about customer preferences, purchase history and other attributes is often inaccurate or incomplete, originates from external sources, and is stored in multiple systems managed by different business units.


Airline loyalty influences 84% of customers to engage with a particular brand.


Millennials indicate they would pay $41 more per night and travel up to 15 minutes out of their way to stay at their preferred hotel brand.


More than one-third of consumers say they’d use social media to broadcast the details of a negative experience with a travel company.

The Solution

Trillium enables you to rapidly improve the quality of data across your organization and create a unified view of customers by helping you:

  • Strengthen customer loyalty by providing an unmatched personalized experience for seating choices, on-site amenities, in-room options and more
  • Drive revenue through cross-selling and promotional programs from the initial point of contact through use of services and beyond, with greater insight into customer preferences, purchase history and more
  • Minimize the risk of customer attrition by pinpointing emerging issues from a wide range of internal and external sources before they impact your business

Trillium Software is integral to the creation and accuracy of BA’s single customer view…It’s essential to customer service, marketing, retention and loyalty and to business decision making.

British Airways

We were pleasantly surprised at how short a period of time it took to integrate the Trillium Software System…we were completely up and running in 90 days.


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