The Rapid Data Quality Suite is a three stage program that will help you define your data problem and build the case for change in 30 days or less.

Rapid Data Assessment

A quantified analysis of the issues affecting your core contact data, based on a subset of your own data, together with guidance on how to build a business case for a data quality initiative.

Rapid Data Cleanse

Trillium executes a data quality operation on the sample data set, delivering a report that illustrates the “after” picture, as supported by a business case that can help other parts of your organization understand the impact of data quality on your CRM and your business.

Rapid Data Management

Trillium can help you maintain a high standard of customer data quality on an ongoing base through both real time and batch services that are integrated seamlessly into the market’s leading CRM systems.

The promise of CRM can be achieved. But regardless of what CRM solution you have chosen, there’s a good chance that something’s getting in the way of attaining true success. It’s your customer data. Chances are that your customer database is riven with incomplete, mis-fielded, inaccurate, or duplicate records. When bad data goes undetected, it impacts operations, reduces both user and management confidence in the solution, and skews your reporting, analytics and forecasting.

As a CRM professional, you understand it’s not a matter of “if” problems are there, but rather “how many” problems and “how much” it hurts your business. Without complete, accurate, up-to-date information, the CRM promise of a unified customer view is just not achievable.

But if understanding the real scope of your data issues and how they impact your business is a challenge, Trillium can assist. With Trillium’s Rapid Data Quality Suite, we’ll develop the insights that demonstrate the impact that enterprise class data quality services can have on your organization. And we’ll do it quickly, with results in your hands in 30 days.

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