Trillium Software System

Bring Certainty to Your Data

Data is the linchpin of business. It underlies every business decision, customer relationship, and business investment. How can you know if the information that you rely on everyday is the most accurate, consistent, and reliable?

Trillium Software System®: Purpose-built for Data Quality

The Trillium Software System is the only data quality platform purpose-built for business and IT collaboration. The business is now able to work side-by-side with IT to improve and manage the quality of information. Through an intuitive, easy-to-navigate environment, users can quantify data conditions, develop business rules, deploy data quality services, and support governance with dashboards and reporting that assesses the compliance of data to business policies and requirements. Our technology is data quality methodology-driven and leverages Trillium Software's 20 years of experience helping organizations apply the best practices that manage the quality of their data. The Trillium Software System delivers certainty to your customer, product, financial, and supplier information, creating the high value asset that your employees rely on to make business-critical decisions everyday.


Discover, Develop, Deploy and Manage Data to Align with Your Business Needs

Put control of your data into the hands of the people who understand it: business analysts, data stewards, IT technologists, and information owners. The collaborative and intuitive environment enables users to quantify and manage data conditions throughout the data lifecycle, from inception through retirement. Trillium Software System® is a fully integrated Enterprise Data Quality solution able to profile, improve and govern any type of data across applications, systems, and platforms.

TS Discovery: For automated data discovery and data profiling

TS Discovery provides a complete and accurate view of enterprise data assets; uncovers the true content, structure, rules, relationships and quality of your data; and reveals issues that otherwise might remain hidden. Data governance initiatives demand greater collaboration between data management and business users in the understanding and implementation of data quality. TS Discovery empowers users to design, validate and deploy custom business and data quality content rules quickly and efficiently.

TS Quality: For parsing, standardizing, and cleansing global data

TS Quality cleanses, matches and unifies data across multiple data sources and data domains including customer, product, sales and financial. TS Quality delivers data parsing, standardization, data cleansing solutions and enrichment capabilities for multi-national enterprise-wide data, and the ability to implement data quality processes in high-performance, real-time environments.