The Impact of Accurate & Complete Customer Data

Organizations often struggle to quantify the cost that poor data quality can have on their business. This calculator uses percentage estimates from Sirius Decisions to calculate the financial impact of inaccurate, incomplete or duplicate customer data on the marketing/sales process and, correspondingly, the positive benefit of implementing a sound data quality program. All you need to do is input your information about your customer database size and the estimated value of a customer in revenue contribution (in the left column) to see the potential impact (in the right column).

* Each % is based on data from Sirius Decisions, presented in The Impact of Bad Data on Demand Creation.

  • Marketing Qualified Lead – A lead deemed worthy to be handed off to sales, based on qualifying criteria (company size, industry, title of individual, etc.).
  • Sales Accepted Lead – A lead agreed by sales to meet the qualifying criteria (prior to any outreach to the prospect).
  • Sales Qualified Lead – A lead for which there’s been determined a sales possibility (based on project, timeline, budget, etc.).
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