Sophisticated, Vendor- and Product-neutral Data Quality

Trillium’s solutions are particularly attractive for the heterogeneous (multivendor/multiproduct) architectures found in today’s enterprise. Our platform-neutral integration approach delivers sophisticated data quality services that complement your architectural and product choices. With Trillium, you gain a best-in-class data quality solution that will maximize the value of your technology decisions.

Trillium for SAP

Trillium has proven time and again our ability to deliver the highest standards of data quality to a variety of SAP applications. Because we focus exclusively on data quality, our products ensure that complete, accurate information about customers, products, business partners and other entities is available to power all your SAP applications. We are an ideal choice for heterogeneous environments that combine SAP with other vendors’ solutions.

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Trillium for Oracle

Our application-agnostic approach to integration makes Trillium an attractive choice where Oracle is part of a multivendor deployment. Whether in support of customer-centric applications for CRM/eBusiness or data integration/warehouse projects, Trillium provides the data quality services needed for effective business operation.

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Trillium for MDM

The Trillium Software System profiles, cleanses, matches and enriches data, enabling organizations to detect data defects early and create a single “golden” record from any source across any application. Trillium’s scalable profiling and quality processes can grow over time with your MDM solution as it expands to include more data and applications.

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