Your organization undertakes master data management initiatives with the hope of creating single records for customers, products, suppliers and other critical business elements. But the promise of true master data can be realized only through an ongoing, systematic application of data quality controls at the source of the data itself.

The Trillium Software System profiles, cleanses, matches and enriches data, enabling organizations to detect data defects early and create a single “golden” record from any source across any application. Trillium’s scalable profiling and quality processes can grow over time with your MDM solution as it expands to include more data and applications.

Key Partners

A comprehensive range of connectivity options allows your organization to apply all the benefits of the Trillium Software System to your existing MDM projects that use:

  • Riversand
  • Software AG webMethods OneData
  • IBM InfoSphere MDM
  • SAP
  • Informatica MDM
  • Syncsort
  • Oracle
  • Teradata

Improve Data Quality in Your Next MDM Project

Alstom Power, a leading provider of power generation and rail infrastructure, incorporated Trillium Software into its MDM platform to maintain accurate master records of global customers, suppliers, partners and data points. Trillium profiled, cleansed and consolidated internationally distributed data from sales, profit centers and worldwide power plants, thereby improving business performance results and decision making.

By applying data profiling and quality processes early in the MDM project, Alstom ensured alignment, consolidation and governance of global master and reference data across enterprise-wide transactional, financial and business intelligence applications.

Key Features

Bring data quality to your master data management project with:

  • Reusable Quality Rules
    Promote data quality standards across your organization by replicating rules created in one project or system for reuse in another, either as they are or modified to fit new business purposes.
  • Semantic Interpretation
    TS Quality interprets the meaning of data on a field-by-field basis. Context-sensitive technology uses the appropriate context to identify errors, misfielded data and unstructured text data, and then corrects and standardizes them automatically and consistently.
  • Enterprise Connectivity
    Access integrated views of all data across platforms, systems and geographical boundaries.
  • Global Support
    Built-in rules interpret international data’s linguistic, cultural, postal and electronic conventions on a country-by-country basis.
  • Deployment Flexibility
    Manage master data centrally or in a distributed configuration, with options for scaling up to manage master data across the enterprise.

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