More than 100,000 enterprises run key parts of their business on Oracle’s various applications, but because Oracle has assembled its diverse portfolio through numerous acquisitions, many of those applications and supporting data models often are united in name only. As a long-standing Oracle partner, Trillium brings tremendous expertise to the challenges of ensuring that Oracle applications use and exchange data that adheres to high standards of quality.

Our application-agnostic approach to integration makes Trillium an attractive choice where Oracle is part of a multivendor deployment. Whether in support of customer-centric applications for CRM/eBusiness or data integration/warehouse projects, Trillium provides the data quality services needed for effective business operation.

Oracle products manage 240 million business profiles and 1 billion consumer profiles

'We had about 500,000 records in Oracle CDH, with a varying degree of duplication from country to country. For some countries up to 60% of the original addresses were duplicates.

Canon Europe Consumer Imaging

Data Quality for a Diverse Range of Offerings

Trillium provides data quality services for country identification, global data cleansing, local postal enrichment, automated data profiling and analysis, matching, and deduplication. In various configurations, Trillium supports:

  • Oracle E-Business Suite
  • Oracle Customer Hub
  • Oracle Data Integrator
  • Oracle Warehouse Builder
  • Siebel UCM and CRM

Advantages of Trillium Data Quality for Oracle

  • Address verification for more than 240 countries and territories
  • Business rules support for more than 35 global business hubs
  • Sub-second country of origin determination and cleansing (inclusive of commingled data sources)
  • Support for both batch and real-time processing
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