Trillium Global Locator integrates real-time address validation and latitude/longitude geocoding data into any enterprise application that can benefit from rapid, precise location-based information. Available via the Trillium Cloud or deployable on premise, Global Locator may be integrated into any system via a set of industry standard APIs that allow a broad range of applications to incorporate location services that will quickly search, validate, cleanse and standardize address information and append corresponding latitude and longitude coordinates for a precise physical location.

With Global Locator organizations can:

  • Accurately pinpoint customer locations
  • Rapidly input customer address/location information within web-based forms
  • Improve efficiencies in shipping and logistics, saving time, fuel and resources
  • Assess risk accurately and identify the real underlying exposures of a given address
  • Define sales and marketing territories and enrich address information
  • Improve the cost effectiveness of site/location planning
  • Deliver better overall customer service and satisfaction

Trillium Global Locator's address/geodata covers 240 countries, territories and legal entities, complemented by support for a wide range of languages. By incorporating address validation and cleansing prior to assignment of geodata coordinates, Trillium delivers a precision of latitude/longitude information that is unmatched by other products in the market.

Supported Languages

  • All Latin-based languages
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Traditional Chinese
  • Hellenic (Greek)
  • Kanji & Katakana (Japanese)
  • Cyrillic (Russian)
  • Hangul (Korean)
  • Thai

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