If you’ve made the commitment to Salesforce as your CRM solution, you want to ensure it delivers on its full potential. Poor data quality is the leading barrier to achieving that goal.

Trillium Quality offers both in-line and batch data cleansing and deduplication services to maximize your CRM investment. Trillium Quality is accessible from the Sales Cloud user interface, assuring both your administrators and users that your customer data is both clean and complete. Because data quality services execute at the point of record capture/update, Trillium detects quality issues early, at the point of origin. With Trillium, incomplete, inaccurate or duplicate customer records won’t hinder your Salesforce operation.

Now your customer data can keep pace with the power of Salesforce

Trillium Quality, for Salesforce, delivers the power of an enterprise class data quality solution, one that has been recognized within Gartner’s Magic Quadrant, as an industry leader for eleven years in succession. Our sophisticated cleansing and matching algorithms, together with our global reach, including postal support for more than 240 countries and territories, provide unparalleled capabilities to Salesforce organizations.

Key Features

  • Flexible Execution Options
    Support both batch and real-time/in-process cleansing and matching operations on account, contact, and lead entities.
  • Worldwide Span
    Standardize and validate global names and addresses for more than 240 countries and territories.
  • Unparalleled Matching Logic
    Detect duplicates, using sophisticated matching algorithms and transitive logic that span multiple fields within and among records.
  • Configurable Automation Settings
    Merge duplicates interactively, or use the relative strength of match "pattern IDs" to execute automatically.

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