A Precise View of Your Customer

Trillium Precise expands the scope and depth of Trillium’s TSS platform and CRM solutions with data enrichment, validation and verification services of your most requested third-party data sources including email, phone (landline and mobile), postal address and internet connectivity. Trillium Precise is available for both real-time and high perfomance analytical solutions that customarily run at scheduled times. Trillium's flexible deployment models deliver the ability to verify the existence and accessibility of a communications channel, validate that it’s associated with the right customer, and further enrich that information with metadata to inform communication and analytics. Organizations can now ensure the completeness, accuracy and usability of the primary points of communication needed by digital enterprises within an omni-communications strategy.

Trillium Precise helps organizations validate, verify and enrich data about the primary communications channels used to interact with their customers. Precise also offers information that can inform analytics about customers for the increased effectiveness of segmentation and targeting efforts. Additionally, Precise can be used to identify attributes of online interactions for use within risk determinations (e.g. identify the location of online purchases in CNP (card not present) eCommerce transactions.)

Key Features

Email Services

Confirm an email address is both valid and active, and verify it matches the right name.

Phone Services

Confirm a phone number is valid, in service, and matches the subscriber name.

IP Services

For web interactions, identify the location of an IP address and whether it’s a proxy.

Address Services

Determine whether a postal address is a P.O. box or a single- or multi-unit dwelling.

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