Business leaders want access to the right data, right now. Despite these demands, IT leaders are faced with information that is stored as multiple data types and siloed across different applications and platforms. In order to make real-time business decisions and ensure your organization’s data meets corporate standards, you need a versatile data quality solution that provides accurate data to any user, via any application, at any time.

Trillium’s solutions facilitate real-time collaboration across distributed business and IT teams. Our solutions provide flexible delivery and deployment options and scale to Big Data, allowing you to achieve increased value from your business information and improve your teams’ productivity in as few as 30 days.

Solve Your Most Critical Data Quality Challenges

Recognized by Gartner as a leader in data quality tools, Trillium provides solutions that quickly resolve your immediate data quality needs and can scale and adapt to your evolving business, technology and data challenges. Our innovative software and technical and advisory experts work together to help you design sustainable business processes that allow you to continuously assess, improve, manage and monitor your business information, ensuring it is reliable and accurate.

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'The annual financial impact of poor data quality on organizations is $8.8 million, on average.” - Gartner

Key Features

  • Business-user Transparency
    Access, modify and manage data quality standards collaboratively with a web-based business rules center.
  • Multi-domain Support
    Cleanse, standardize, match and enrich customer, product and financial data, as well as any type of critical business information.
  • Worldwide Coverage
    Verify global address and location data against postal data sources for 230 countries, regions and principalities, and parse and cleanse any single- or double-byte language.
  • Flexible Deployment
    Deploy on premises in less than 90 days or in the cloud in less than 30 days, depending on your organization’s needs.
  • Easy Integration
    Easily integrate within a hybrid environment, with Trillium solutions built for Big Data, CRM and more.

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