Valuable data exists everywhere across an organization, but without a way to integrate and validate disparate data points, IT and business professionals can’t align data sources to critical business initiatives. TS Quality is a single solution that scales to remediate data across your organization, including unstructured and semi-structured data, and improve the efficiency of your business and IT teams. World-class global capabilities and automated, rules-based intelligence combine to provide a simple yet complete solution to handle massive volumes of data, right out of the box. Your organization can also develop customized data quality rules and processes that align with industry-specific business challenges. Trillium’s data quality services deploy in batch or real time, on premises or in the Cloud , using the same rule sets and standards across an unlimited number of applications and systems.

Transform Tangled Data into Actionable Information

Advanced data quality products provide the tools necessary to create high-quality, integrated business information from data stored in multiple places. TS Quality is the leading global data quality solution used by major corporations around the world, offering all the features and tools needed to build data quality processes into your enterprise. Whatever your data quality priority – cleansing name information, correcting and verifying international addresses, standardizing product data, or creating single customer views – you can count on TS Quality to obtain high-quality information that meets your standards and information needs. 

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Key Features

  • Versatile Cleansing and Standardization
    Trillium’s data-cleansing and standardization capabilities automatically understand global data (e.g., customer, product, financial) in any context, making preformatting and preprocessing unnecessary.
  • Global Address Validation
    Apply global verification built from local, country-by-country expertise, and apply the appropriate country's postal rules to clean, correct and even complete name and address data.
  • Automated Enrichment
    Add missing postal information, salutations, business-specific data, latitude/longitude and other reference data.
  • Powerful Matching
    Deduplicate records and uncover relationships within households, businesses and accounts.
  • Accurate Survivorship
    Assemble or commonize a “best” record by linking multiple data points, from multiple data files and sources, to a single entity.

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