Business analysts and data stewards are often the most knowledgeable people about an organization’s data quality standards, yet they tend to have the least control. Without the ability to influence these standards, subject matter experts cannot ensure business information is fit-for-purpose.

Smarter Data Quality Across the Enterprise

Effective data quality management requires IT and business groups to work collaboratively and quickly to uncover and remediate data quality issues to provide trusted data across the enterprise. Trillium Discovery Center, which extends the previously released Trillium Business Rules Center, empowers diverse data-focused teams to rapidly access, understand, modify, and govern data quality standards through a web browser. This increases confidence in business information and supports rapid, accurate, data-driven decisions for marketing campaigns, sales initiatives, compliance reporting, analytics projects, and more.

Key Features

  • Rapid Time to Business Value
    Seamlessly add and profile data sources and create, modify, and execute data quality rules with self-service capabilities that require no programming skills and enable you to complete tasks in minutes, not days.
  • Data Quality Management Anywhere
    Access and analyze data profiling results and evaluate data quality rules from a web-browser to save time and expand collaboration across distributed workgroups.
  • Utilize and Expand Expert Content
    Easily build and search the Trillium Discovery rules library for ongoing use by importing or adding your own rules to create a resource that can be shared by teams across your organization.
  • Increase Transparency into Data Quality
    Utilize enhanced visualization capabilities to gain rapid insight into data quality issues within a source and then easily filter, sort and export detailed information, making it easy to identify business rules that fail and data points that don’t conform to business standards.

Rapidly add, load and analyze data sources to gain a greater understanding of data quality (New!)

Quickly find the rules you need, when you need them with expanded search capabilities (New!)

Utilize enhanced charts to gain rapid insight into data quality issues within a source and then easily filter, sort and export detailed information (New!)

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