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  • By implementing a combined Trillium Software data quality and Master Data Management CC solution, South African corporate and investment banking services firm Absa Capital, was able to accurately assess and manage core static data in support of critical credit risk reporting. Absa ensured correct, accurate levels of capital and liquidity levels to meet its business requirements, and increased data collaboration with other business units, including its Barclays Capital affiliate.

    Environment:  Trillium Software Solutions, Trillium Software System®, TS Insight

  • Improved data certainty resulted in the accurate mailing of 10 million new loyalty cards and saving an estimated £150k in production and mailing costs.

    Environment: Trillium Software System®, Linux (Solaris)

  • Her name is Madeleine. She is ALSTOM Power’s enterprise-wide MDM initiative organized by Chief Data Officer (CDO), Andreas Beckmann. Behind the scenes of this project, named after a precocious French girl, is a global MDM strategy that depends on Trillium Software® data integrity for its lifeblood.

    Environment: Trillium Software System®, SAP PowerMax, Tibco CIM.

  • By enabling a unified view of complex and volatile customer data across products in their CRM application, AT&T leveraged householding and hierarchical capabilities to improve cross- and upsell opportunities and customer service.

    Environment: Oracle Data Warehouse, IBM Mainframe, UNIX.

  • Babcock's Marine & Technology Division was struggling to manage all aspects of its supply chain, a critical part of their business. Data on over one million commodities and parts needed to be managed, and data quality issues were causing inefficiencies and additional costs across the end-to-end process. Additionally, the company was undergoing an enterprise-wide process and system redesign, and bringing together variable quality data from disparate systems would cause problems when trying to integrate and match it within a single platform.

  • Verified the accuracy of commercial data supporting customer insight, business intelligence and business reporting to improve the cost-effectiveness of data quality processes and implement data governance strategies across the enterprise.

    Environment: Trillium Software System®, Teradata Data Warehouse, Windows Server

  • Within days of going live with the Trillium Software System, Canon Europe’s Consumer Imaging (CCI) started to benefit from having a formal and automated data quality process in place. The cleansed data has allowed CCI to gain intelligence into many areas of its business which today is steering its customer and distributor management strategies.

    Environment: Oracle eBusiness Suite, Oracle Customer Data Hub (CDH)

  • The data quality solution more than paid for itself within one year by reducing the number of records Cendant submitted for outsourced ETL processing. Now the data warehouse, which holds data from nine different hotel chains, is a thriving hub serving multiple user communities and supporting new enterprise opportunities daily.

    Environment: Trillium Software System®, Packaged ETL solutions

  • DELA, a leading insurance company based in the Netherlands, was looking to completely overhaul the way its customer services system operated, creating a new style of “customer-orientated working” within the organization. They needed a single, trusted master view of clients within Microsoft Dynamics, replacing the need for Customer Services and other employees to interact with up to 12 separate systems.

    Solution: Trillium Software System®, Trillium Software Plug-in for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

  • This global giant fortified customer loyalty by enabling customers to track inbound, outbound and third-party packages more accurately and quickly via, while increasing the use of FedEx services by its largest, globally-distributed customers.

    Environment: FedEx InSight package tracking and the Trillium Software System®

  • An understanding of the total present and future value of each customer helps HSBC be more competitive. The new system, with reliable data quality at its core, provides accurate, more timely and actionable information to decision makers.

    Environment: Data Warehouse, CRM, Trillium Software System®

  • By applying data quality processes to detailed home delivery and shopper information captured at the point of sale for more than 3 million customers, Iceland Foods was able to personalize direct marketing communications, gain higher response rates, and apply accurate customer intelligence for more strategic decision making.

    Environment: Trillium Software System®, Teradata data warehouse, SQL Server, IBM EPOS, and Microsoft .Net

  • Decreased supply chain costs by more than € 20M in 2 years by uncovering the true content, structure, relationships, and quality of data in the 860 separate inventory management systems within their global supply chain. Discovered and corrected data quality issues across massive volumes of data prior to integration into their new inventory system, enabling them to validate inventory data across multiple attributes and to create accurate supplier and inventory views.

    Environment: Heterogeneous applications and platforms and the Trillium Software System

  • By increasing the value of its data management solution with high quality data, Oki Data improved the resolution of its customer views,  decreased shipping and mailing errors due to verified and corrected addresses, reduced manual intervention to correct data errors, and improved customer service based on more complete customer views.
    Environment:  Trillium Software System®. SAP legacy databases, CRM, Windows-based systems
  • By consolidating and standardizing data formats and data quality for multinational data across all backend customer services, roadside assistance, and warranty systems, Porsche improved support for worldwide dealers, ensured effective customer communication, and secured increased brand loyalty.

    Environment: My SAP CRM, Trillium Software Data Quality Connector for SAP, and Trillium Software System®

  • By creating a single view of customer data that resided in four different systems, and refreshing this single view daily by standardizing, correcting, and matching new and updated records fed from the existing customer databases, Prudential enhanced customer satisfaction, increased call center effectiveness, and improved compliance.

    Environment: Trillium Software System®, CRM, Packaged ETL Tools

  • A robust data assurance process featuring Trillium automated reports instantly turned data sets with millions of records into business intelligence to feed the investment modeling exercise and drive business decisions.

    Environment: Trillium Software Discovery

  • Leveraged householding and consolidation of accounts within a data warehouse to reduce bad debt, streamline data quality processes, and drive a single customer view for integrated customer relationship management initiative.

  • Smals needed robust data matching and data quality capabilities for their eHealth Platform initiative. By using Trillium’s solutions, Smals is able to ensure the accurate and secure exchange of patient data between all healthcare sector agencies.
    Solution:  TS Quality
  • In order to identify financial risk, compliance issues and social fraud, Smals must ensure the accurate identification and linkage of companies and individuals. With Trillium’s solutions, Smals has improved the prioritization of targeted investigations, developed more accurate risk models and fraud predictions. Trillium also enabled Smals to increase their productivity by completing projects up to ten times faster than before.
    Solution:  TS Quality
  • By identifying and analyzing misfielded information in 14 million records that had vehicle category information they could append to our customer database, Trans Union was able to create a new suite of products targeted to upsell these customers.

    Environment: Trillium Software System®, CRM, Data Warehouse.

  • Reduced asset data analysis from months to minutes by automating the data quality process for 500,000 asset management records.

    Environment: Trillium Software System®, SAP.

  • Trillium provides a monthly or quarterly Application Service offering to assist you in managing and expanding your use of the Trillium Software System (TSS). Our experienced data quality engineers work with you to agree on your priorities and will help develop and implement a plan to operate and enhance your Trillium environment, leaving you to focus on running your business.
  • Unlike many solution providers, Trillium blends industry-leading technology with out-of-the-box content and consulting services to kick-start new projects or get your existing projects back on track– all within 90 days and with only minimal involvement from your IT team.

  • Financial institutions are in peril if their data is incomplete, inaccurate and unavailable when needed. Trillium’s Solutions help financial institutions improve data quality and data governance in 90 days or less. Our visually rich self-service platform implemented on premise or in the cloud empowers users to seamlessly access, validate, analyze and monitor data while improving collaboration across teams.

  • Trillium Software’s strategic consulting team provides best practice advisory services to organizations that wish to design and implement effective and sustainable Data Governance structures, strategies, practices and policies.

  • Trillium Services provides a Data Quality Audit that enables customers to gain an in-depth understanding of their data. During the Audit, Trillium will uncover data issues that are negatively impacting your business performance or operations, identify high-risk areas that require immediate remediation, establish benchmarks for measurement, and prioritize activities for ongoing data improvement.

  • Trillium Services designs Data Quality Dashboards that simplify access to information in a visual format that can be easily understood and shared by teams across your business. The dashboards will enable you to monitor, measure and compare critical data against a set of key performance metrics so you can identify and remediate data defects and gain greater visibility into your business.

  • Trillium Software enables Total Data Quality for customers looking to discover and correct today’s data quality problems and establish procedures to continuously govern data for tomorrow. We provide customers with a single platform to manage the entire data quality lifecycle across multiple domains, including product, customer and financial data. Our customers use the Trillium Software System® to support critical business initiatives such as reducing procurement costs, improving order management and fulfillment, and optimizing the supply chain.

  • Trillium's Rapid Data Assessment (RDA) for CRM focuses on organizations using Salesforece and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This light-touch engagement delivers an in-depth, quantified analysis of the data quality in your CRM system. With Trillium, you can get your CRM back on track.

  • Trillium executes a data quality operation on the sample data set, delivering a report that illustrates the “after” picture, as supported by a business case that can help other parts of your organization understand the impact of data quality on your CRM and your business.

  • Trillium can help you maintain a high standard of customer data quality on an ongoing base through both real time and batch services that are integrated seamlessly into the market’s leading CRM systems.

  • The Rapid Data Quality Suite is composed of services and products that leverage the most powerful data quality platform in the world: Rapid Data Assessment, Rapid Data Cleanse, and Rapid Data Management. Fixing the quality of your data will enable you to deliver breakthrough gains in your CRM performance – and it can be done quickly, simply and permanently. Trillium Software can get you started, delivering demonstrable value in 30 days or less.

    Trillium Software’s Self- Service Data Assurance capabilities empower business and information analysts to take full control of their data, enabling them to deliver analysis and insight on trusted data.
  • Trillium’s data quality solutions deliver the most accurate, real-time view of your customers by integrating customer information across your organization and applying best-in-class data cleansing, matching, and enrichment processes to global customer records. By providing fit-for-purpose customer information, Trillium helps you drive more targeted omni-channel campaigns; gain deeper, more valuable customer insights; and create the personalized experiences your customers expect.

  • Effective data quality management requires IT and business groups to work collaboratively and quickly to create, manage, and remediate data quality across the enterprise. Trillium’s web-based Business Rules Center for TS Discovery empowers diverse data-focused teams to rapidly access, modify, and manage data quality standards to increase confidence in business information and support rapid, accurate, data-driven business decisions.

  • Trillium Cloud is an enterprise-capable data quality solution that is accessible as a managed, virtual private cloud, operating in a public cloud infrastructure. Trillium Cloud eliminates the procurement, deployment, and operational burdens of hardware/software infrastructure and perpetual software licensing, providing data quality services through a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) subscription model.

  • Trillium Discovery Center, which extends the previously released Trillium Business Rules Center, empowers diverse data-focused teams to rapidly access, understand, modify and govern data quality standards through a web browser. This increases confidence in business information and supports accurate, data-driven decisions for marketing campaigns, sales initiatives, compliance reporting, analytics projects and more.

  • Trillium for Microsoft Dynamics CRM seamlessly integrates sophisticated data cleansing and de-duplication services that will deliver complete and accurate leads, contacts, and account information to this strategic CRM platform. With Trillium, your CRM administrators and end-users can gain and maintain a comprehensive and accurate view of prospects and customers, thereby enhancing the marketing, sales and service processes that are executed within Dynamics CRM.

  • Trillium Global Locator provides accurate postal addresses, together with geocoding, that can be easily integrated into your business applications and user interfaces through a variety of standard interfaces. Trillium Global Locator searches, validates, corrects and standardizes address data, and enriches addresses with latitude and longitude geodata coordinates.

  • Trillium Precise is a customer data quality and enrichment offering available as an option for organizations that are using the Trillium Software System (TSS), Trillium Cloud or Trillium's integrated CRM solutions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM® and Salesforce®.

  • Trillium Quality for Salesforce ® seamlessly integrates sophisticated data cleansing and de-duplication services that can assure that you have complete and accurate account and contact information in support of your Sales Cloud® solution. With Trillium, administrators and end-users now can have a comprehensive and accurate view of customers, thus enhancing both the efficiency and effectiveness of your Salesforce operations.

  • The Trillium Software Director is an application server that deploys and manages real-time data quality processes across enterprise applications and platforms.

  • The Trillium Software System® (TSS) is a consumable single solution for managing data quality, designed to be intuitive and easy to use for business and data professionals yet powerful enough to handle the most challenging data quality issues.

  • Trillium's Latest Offerings Include: Trillium Business Rules Center, Trillium Big Data Enhancements, TS Quality and Realtime Enhancements, and Trillium for SAP MDG 1.0.0.

  • Trillium Precise extends the power and scope of Trillium Software’s data quality solutions with enhanced validation, verification and enrichment services that span email, phone, postal, and IP address information.

  • Achieving Data Quality through Data Governance

    This Real-World Data Governance webinar with Bob Seiner addresses how to improve data quality through the application of Data Governance practices. Quality starts with a plan and requires formal execution and enforcement of authority over the data. Attend this webinar and take away a plan to achieve data quality through Data Governance.


  • B2B Data: Common Denominator for Marketing & Sales Success

    Once data was the product of marketing and sales activity, but now it’s beginning to drive those activities.  Join Trillium Software guest, John M. Coe of, for an enlightening discussion of how data dependent marketing and sales activities - and their results - have become.


  • Big data, cognitive bias, and data quality's new frontiers

    Working from the assumption that all this Big Data is supposed to yield more insight and better business decisions, how do we ensure that we can trust not only the original data, but the subsequent data we’re acting upon? To address this challenge, we need to consider new frontiers and dimensions for data quality to ensure that the Big Data we are using is not only relevant and fit for purpose, but data that we can trust and act confidently upon.

    WATCH NOW | Read the Executive Summary (PDF)

  • CRM Death by a Thousand Cuts and How to Prevent It

    The first of a two part webinar series discusses the customer data challenges inherent within a CRM system and shows how to implement best practices for preempting the negative business impact of poor data.

    In part two, learn how CRM administrators and end-users can proactively address the potential impact of operating on incomplete or inaccurate customer information within their CRM systems.


  • Customer Data – Is it Your CRM Achilles Heel?

    The quality of data – incomplete, out of date, poorly formatted, or duplicate customer records – often proves to be a key culprit in the poor results delivered by many CRM projects.

    In this webinar, data quality experts Philip Russom of TDWI and Steve Shissler of Trillium Software will discuss both the principles and practical challenges of deploying an integrated, operational data quality solution that can help ensure your CRM system executes both efficiently and effectively.


  • Data Governance: Ensuring the success of the digital enterprise

    Digital enterprises live on trusted data. Effective data governance is therefore critical to the success of the enterprise—both in terms of optimized business decision-making and essential compliance safeguards. But how do you create and implement the processes and policies necessary to ensure quality data? And how do you balance the need to “democratize” data so everyone can get the most value out of it while maintaining diligent centralized controls and standards?

    View this insight-packed webinar to hear leading experts in the field discuss how you can improve data governance with four simple actions you can take today.

    WATCH NOW | Read the Executive Summary (PDF)

  • Data Governance: Three Steps to Get Started…Or Back on Track

    Join this session with Trillium Software as we discuss three critical steps for establishing clearly defined, sustainable data governance processes across your organization. We will provide examples of challenges that organizations have faced and how they were able to overcome them and improve core business activities, including customer retention/acquisition, risk management and compliance.


  • Data Quality in the Age of Digital Transformation

    Within the next two years, two-thirds of Global 2000 enterprises will have digital transformation at the center of their corporate strategy. Trusted, accurate data sits at the center of digital business initiatives, but many organizations still struggle to manage increasingly diverse data and complex IT environments in which it is generated, persisted and consumed.

    Join guest speaker Stewart Bond, Research Director, IDC, and Trillium Software for an interactive webinar that will discuss innovative processes and technology solutions that are helping to improve the levels of enterprise data integrity and trust in support of digital business and transformation initiatives. Based on the latest IDC market research and a recent survey of 650 IT and business professionals, we will expose data quality and trust issues that are impacting today's IT operations and business outcomes.


  • DGR Podcast: The Changing Role Of Data In Today’s Marketing Landscape

    Demand Gen Report podcast series sat down with Chris Martins, Product Marketing Manager at Trillium Software, to discuss the critical role of data in today’s marketing landscape. A thought leader in the CRM and data space, Martins shares unique insights into the gap between data and actionable intelligence that exists at many companies.

    Some of the unique points listeners will take away by tuning into the podcast will include: changing customer expectations and the data realities attached; how marketers and sales teams can read the data to see buying signals; and the need for speed to keep up, in real time, with today’s buyer.

    Tune in to learn how Trillium Software is helping B2B marketers build a data strategy that allows them to test, learn and build flexible campaigns by accessing cloud solutions.


  • Is Your Customer Data an Asset or a Liability?

    In this Trillium-hosted webinar, we will be joined by Guest Speaker and CRM specialist Kate Leggett, Forrester Research's VP and Principal Analyst for Application Development and Delivery in a discussion of the data demands placed on CRM and how best to address them. Without a sustained attention to data quality, enterprises are at significant risk. This webinar will provide insights on the risk organizations face and how best to address them in a proactive way.


  • Leading the Data-Driven Transformation: The CIO & The New Age of Data Quality

    The evolution of the data-driven digital business provides CIOs with a great opportunity to become both business and technology leaders within their organizations. But to realize this CIOs need to focus on the things that really matter to today’s digital businesses. This live webinar, hosted by Trillium Software and delivered by Donna Burbank & Nigel Turner of Global Data Strategy, makes the case that providing trusted and reliable data is key to digital business success and should be at the top of any CIO’s agenda.


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  • In a recent survey, TDWI found that the most significant barriers to improving data preparation for BI/Analytics projects are accessing and integrating data across system or application data silos and insufficient inbound data quality. Are you facing similar problems?

    Learn how to solve these challenges and more by reading TDWI's Best Practices Report "Improving Data Preparation for Business Analytics", which is sponsored by Trillium Software. The report provides a series of practical recommendations and looks at important technology trends reshaping data preparation processes. This includes an overview of Trillium Refine™, a solution that helps you overcome the barriers cited by TDWI by blending self-service data preparation with global data quality capabilities so that business professionals can rapidly access, prepare, improve, link, and enrich high-volume, disparate data.

  • Most definitions of operational excellence assume that localized improvements have a global impact. In that spirit, this TDWI Checklist Report provides recommendations for incrementally and continuously improving the quality of operational data, which in turn contributes to an organization’s drive toward operational excellence.

  • How Marketing Leaders Can Take Control of Data for Better Marketing Performance and Customer Interactions

    As a marketing leader, you rely heavily on data to inform strategic decisions about when and how to go to market. Your customers expect targeted, personalized experiences based on deep insights gleaned from information they provide. Yet never has it been more difficult to access and integrate customer information across organizations heavily siloed by technology, business processes, and organizational behaviors.

    Successful marketing leaders are the ones who take control of the data and technology they need to create omni-channel customer interactions that drive revenue and increase loyalty. Your teams need access to accurate data to execute campaigns, ads, and loyalty programs. This paper clearly defines four steps that marketing leaders must take to derive insight from Big Data and deliver personalized customer experiences.

  • High quality customer data is required to support every point in the customer journey. This report from Forrester outlines the impact of poor CRM data on business outcomes. It describes how data quality tools can extend and complement CRM operations and offers guidance to application development and delivery (AD&D) professionals supporting data management efforts on how to leverage the core strengths of CRM and data quality tools to produce trusted data.

  • Organizations often lack insight into the quality of the data used in everyday decision-making. By developing a strategy that measures and reports on data quality metrics, stakeholders can craft a business case and ROI model to drive investment in data quality initiatives. Learn what processes to scrutinize, what metrics to measure, and what strategies position these metrics as proof points for ROI.

  • Effective CRM demands the creation of a single, complete, accurate view of customer information that ideally captures all interactions and transactions associated with the customer. This paper discusses how competitive companies leverage single, trusted views of customers to drive improvements in product positioning, customer service and support, and customer retention and lifetime value.

  • The goal of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a single, 360-degree view of the customer. Though a worthy ambition, CRM systems, by themselves, do not deliver that capability because they are only as good as the data that drives them. Yet, as data-dependent as they are, CRM systems provide little real inherent mechanism to assure the quality of that data.

    This paper outlines the changes driven by modern CRM and how a focus on data quality – up front – can address those challenges and contribute to the success of your effort to acquire and retain customers.

  • Three Pillars of a Successful Data Quality Program for the Future

    We are living in a new age, one in which your business success depends on access to trusted data across more systems and more users faster than ever before. At the core of this new age is Big Data, which introduces new technology, new data sources, new data types, and new possibilities for correlating information to understand more about your customers, competitors, and business operations.

    The problem is that this information is often incomplete, filled with errors, and beyond the reach of people who need it right away. Whether you're responsible for technology or information strategy, you need to enable your business to have real-time access to reliable information to make rapid, accurate decisions faster than competitors. Without it, your company will simply be left behind.

    Read this paper to discover how you can create and implement a data quality strategy that will support your business initiatives and easily scale to meet future needs.

  • CIO roles are becoming more ambiguous, complex and challenging as the lines between business and IT starts to blur. The modern CIO must be able to spot new data-driven business opportunities while acting as the curator and protector of the corporate data asset. This white paper outlines the top six challenges faced by CIOs, how data quality can propel CIO success, and best practices for sustainable information management strategies.

  • Eliminate wasteful and costly data management processes in your organization

    If data governance is high on your agenda for review, refocus or preliminary implementation, Lean Data Governance may be the right option for your business. This approach can help your business eliminate wasteful data governance activity and promote efficiencies. This paper provides an outline of the Lean Data Governance approach and demonstrates the considerations at each step of the implementation.

    This paper provides guidance for:

    • Individual business units responsible for data management
    • Managers with responsibility for data and information management processes
    • Businesses that are implementing or have already implemented traditional Lean at an enterprise level 
    • Businesses that have no immediate intention of Lean implementation at an enterprise level but need to review their data governance program
  • This white paper explores the opportunity to use “operational” data quality technology to deliver an actionable view of customers without the encumbrances of a preliminary integration project. It discusses how data quality technologies can populate business-critical applications like customer relationship management (CRM) with consistent and reliable data, thus making those systems the – or at least a – custodian of the unified customer view for the organization and, just as important, maintaining the quality and reliability of the data. It also looks at the different kinds of operations that are considered part of CRM and identifies those for which this approach can be a viable, cost-effective option that delivers the view of the customer who’s needed, and does it in a timely manner.

  • A significant percentage of companies with CRM programs are not satisfied with the customer views they get, citing distrust of the data among those who are supposed to use the data. This paper reviews how investing in data integrity, reliability, and completeness is also critical – both for integrating diverse data for use in CRM systems and keeping that valuable information up to date.

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