Challenge: Marketing Efforts Impaired by Poor Quality Customer Data

The volume and variety of customer data available to modern marketers are growing exponentially, but incomplete, inaccurate, duplicated or inconsistently structured data is difficult to consolidate and use intelligently for personalized, one-to-one marketing. If data is not assembled into a clear, coherent and singular customer view, your marketers cannot identify preferences, deliver personalized experiences or accurately analyze results. The reality of modern-day marketing is that available data is not necessarily actionable data.


the average number of different data-gathering systems and vendors that marketers use


of organizations have a synchronized view of their customers.


the potential reduction in revenue gains due to INACCURATE master customer records

Solution: Targeted Marketing with Single View of the Customer

Trillium’s data quality tools improve marketing campaign execution. With best-in-class data discovery and cleansing processes, Trillium ensures that marketing programs are built upon accurate, complete customer information. Our data quality experts use their decades of experience to help customers design information solutions that support marketing databases, campaign tools, analytics platforms and reporting dashboards. Trillium’s data quality solutions can deploy on-premise or in the cloud, with a solution approach focused on rapid delivery of tangible business value in as little as 30 days

Key Benefits

  • Increase conversions and campaign results with more personalized, targeted omni-channel communication
  • Reduce campaign costs by eliminating duplicate records and verifying contact information
  • Enhance measurement and analysis efforts by reducing or altogether eliminating onerous, time-consuming data preparation processes
  • Improve the accuracy of analytics efforts by ensuring that only accurate underlying data drives insight

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