Data Quality Metrics and Monitoring to Ensure Rule Compliance

Data governance tools provide a broad set of essential capabilities to identify and manage data assets, including enabling non-technical business users to define data policies and associated rules using natural language. However, data governance tools do not:

  • support the technical application of rules to your data
  • express those rules in a valid technical syntax
  • test your data to verify compliance with rules on an ongoing basis

Gaining this vital additional functionality requires the advanced data quality analysis and monitoring provided by Trillium, a proven data quality leader for over 20 years.

Trillium renders data governance rules into technical expressions and applies them to actual data sources, generating results to test for rules compliance on an ongoing basis. These key services are put into production using Trillium Discovery REST API services, enabling tight integration with leading data governance solutions such as Collibra Data Governance Center.

With continuous bi-directional exchange of policy rules with Trillium-powered data quality metrics and monitoring, organizations quickly achieve a true, “closed-loop” process that assures data governance compliance.

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