The Challenge

Insurance companies are struggling to better understand their increasingly demanding customers’ needs and to deliver a relevant omni-channel customer experience. These companies also struggle to identify emerging threats to their business because they cannot access the right information at the right time. Numerous factors, including exponentially increasing amounts of external and internal data, as well as information trapped in legacy systems, hamper efforts to overcome these data challenges.


Only 14% of customers are very satisfied with their insurance provider’s current communications.


U.S. customers who are loyal promoters of their insurer’s lifetime value are worth nearly 7 times than that of a customer who is a detractor of the carrier


Only 38% of insurers are very effective at turning data into insight.
-Economist Intelligence Unit


The Solution

Trillium enables you to rapidly improve the quality of data across your organization and create a unified view of customers that you can trust:

  • Strengthen relationships with customers by ensuring that all interactions are personalized with relevant information about their household, policies, communication preferences and more
  • Maximize cross-selling opportunities by matching appropriate products with a customer’s goals, personal/family status and household information, among other criteria
  • Enhance Claims department performance by identifying overlooked high-severity claims, increase subrogation recovery by pinpointing missed indicators, and improve the accuracy of SIU referrals
  • Uncover unforeseen risks related to customer interactions, claims, underwriting, and potential fraud by correlating information from internal and external sources and utilizing geocoding capabilities
  • Optimize BI/analytics tools to gain insights from your full universe of information, including Big Data
  • Maintain compliance with complex, data-intensive regulations

Having the ability to perform powerful data quality processes in the background within Dynamics CRM means we have an elegant and simple way of achieving our vision for a single customer view.


I rely on Trillium’s Claims Solution to analyze our claims files and deliver the information we need to pinpoint complex files that require greater attention as they develop … It increases our confidence that no high-risk claims will fall through the cracks.

Electric Insurance

We selected the Trillium Software System because it offers excellent functionality and scored highest when evaluated against its competitors.


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