The Challenge

Your company faces multiple business implications if your information is incomplete and unreliable. Without accurate information on your customers and products, you can’t ensure targeted customer communications, meet stringent and changing regulatory mandates, and create and ship products that meet customer demand. Any one of these issues alone can result in missed revenue opportunities, higher operational costs and lower customer satisfaction.

In the digital manufacturing industry, often 80% to 90% of a data analysis project involves making the data reliable enough that the results can be trusted.

According to a survey of manufacturing professionals, accurately forecasting product demand, understanding plant performance across multiple metrics, and providing service and support to customers faster are the top three areas in which Big Data can improve manufacturing performance.
- Forbes

35% of manufacturers are currently collecting and using data generated by smart sensors to enhance manufacturing/operating processes.

The Solution

Trillium Software ensures the accuracy and reliability of any type of global data across your heterogeneous IT infrastructure, enabling you to:

  • Fulfill e-commerce orders accurately and in a timely fashion
  • Decrease shipping and mailing costs, by having validated and corrected addresses
  • Deploy more targeted marketing campaigns and gain greater insight, with more accurate real-time data on customers
  • Minimize supply chain inefficiencies by standardizing part and product information
  • Improve customer service, based on more complete customer views

Had we not had software that could do data matching, we would have had to do it manually. Further, the address standardization, verification and matching never would have been done. So the Trillium Software System gave us better data.

Oki Data

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