The Challenge

The modern retailer often must craft strategies that embrace both physical and digital environments. Those strategies require an understanding of not only the different channels customers use to make purchases, but also how and where they consume information in advance of those purchases. The growing range of channels, coupled with consumers’ increasing power, has complicated the buying journey.

Similarly, CPG companies must find ways to better understand customers with whom they do not interact directly, since the sale involves retailers and other distributors who control the customer interaction - and the information that accompanies it. There are many data sources to help retailers and CPG suppliers understand a customer journey that has gotten more variable and omnichannel, but it requires the ability to gather, analyze and act on a wide range of information from a wide range of sources.

70% of CPG heads of sales say the potential for cross-channel growth through digital collaboration with retailers and distributors falters due to a lack of shared consumer data to improve decision making.

Only 16% of CPG companies use digital technologies to maintain in-store and online relationships with the consumer in order to drive repeat purchases.

The Solution

Trillium ensures the accuracy and quality of consumer data, allowing retail and CPG organizations to:

  • Support multichannel communications efforts that encompass both traditional and newer digital interactions in a consistent, coherent way
  • Deliver traditional direct mail pieces that cost-effectively make consumers aware of offers that drive in-store traffic
  • Deliver the analytics-driven cross- and upsell offers that are most likely to succeed
  • Leverage geospatial data for sophisticated targeting of consumers
  • Consolidate store data to understand sales trends, manage inventory and coordinate with suppliers
  • Develop and manage loyalty programs that enhance customers’ lifetime value

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