The Challenge

Customer interaction systems that do not communicate or share data with one another make it difficult for technology suppliers to achieve operational efficiency. Efforts to get a consolidated, timely and accurate view of sales, service and support interactions – or a complete picture of prospects and customers – are often stymied by the need to wrangle data from disparate sources, including third-party partners and external data providers. Additionally, having an accurate, consolidated view of product data facilitates lean manufacturing/supply operations, as well as more accurate reporting and forecasting.

Savvy technology competitors recognize that product superiority does not necessarily translate into equal market superiority, particularly with technology changing so rapidly and incumbents being so easily displaced. Delivering a compelling customer experience that attracts and retains customers is the true key to long-term viability.

Indirect channel partners are unlikely to capture or manage customer records in the same structure as the technology company, a challenge in creating a single customer view for all interactions.

B2B sales processes can include 12-18 different contacts between the supplier (or its supporting systems) and the customer.
-Sirius Decisions

The Solution

Technology companies that possess data about products and customers that has been cleansed, matched and deduplicated are well-positioned to:

  • Offer a single, validated view of customers and products, regardless of distribution channel or other intermediaries and their supporting systems
  • Execute analytics and segmentations that identify the best customer targets for cross- and upsell campaigns and retention efforts
  • Optimize marketing, sales and operational processes, using complete, consistent data that informs sales performance and forecasting
  • Manage product and parts inventory more efficiently, regardless of the internal systems that source the data

Had we not had software that could do data matching, we would have had to do it manually. Further, the address standardization, verification and matching never would have been done. So the Trillium Software System gave us better data.

Oki Data

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