The Challenge

Rapidly evolving regulatory, environmental and operational landscapes are causing utilities to undergo significant change. An organization’s ability to grow revenue, retain customers and maintain its brand reputation depends on how well it analyzes and reports on asset data, uncovers data anomalies, and complies with regulations.

43% of U.S. households have a smart meter.
-Greentech Media

By 2018, cloud services will make up half the IT portfolio for more than 60% of utilities.

The Solution

Trillium Software provides the tools you need to uncover critical data errors rapidly and ensure long-term data quality. Use Trillium to:

  • Manage usage and billing by maintaining a single view of residential and commercial customers
  • Ensure timely and accurate distributions and delivery by correcting and enriching addresses and contact information
  • Support smart metering efforts with validated and improved data
  • Certify the accuracy of information you provide to governance safety bureaus
  • Support maintenance scheduling by keeping appropriate data on equipment and parts

The Trillium Software System is helping us deliver substantial cost savings across our enterprise data quality process. Ultimately, the higher levels of data accuracy we are achieving (are) adding to the effectiveness of our asset management operations by both reducing costs and enabling us to further ensure the safety of our main gas pipe network for the people in our area.

Wales & West Utilities

TS Discovery enabled the production of a number of automated reports, which were made available to business users to provide a visual representation of their data quality status and problems. From this, data improvement action plans were developed to discover and fix the root causes, build improvement processes, and monitor and manage the improvements.

Severn Trent

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Case Study: Wales & West

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Case Study: Severn Trent

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