The Challenge

Your product data is scattered everywhere across the enterprise, from supply chain applications to inventory databases and raw-material listings. While applications and operational systems help increase the efficiency of processing product information from source to target systems and analytic solutions provide insight for understanding the meaning of the information, the data is rarely processed in a way that creates a single, accurate view of products. As a result, analysts, supply chain managers and business leaders often have inconsistent and incomplete views of product data, which can cause operational inefficiencies, production cost increases, customer attrition, and shipping errors.

The Solution

A single view of product data allows companies to respond more quickly to customer needs and improve supply chain operations while making better business decisions. To manage the entire data quality life cycle, organizations must define a comprehensive strategy for taking raw product data from operations systems; create high-quality, meaningful business information; and maintain that information as a corporate asset for use across the enterprise.

The Benefits

Trillium Software cleanses and standardizes your product information to create consistent views across the organization, allowing your teams to:

  • Facilitate procurement classification
  • Achieve consistency across multiple suppliers
  • Consolidate inventory
  • Identify variances across sites (e.g., plants, warehouses, suppliers)
  • Maintain item masters across different systems and manufacturing sites

TS Discovery is great for proving whether data is fit-for-purpose. When it comes to identifying problems, it is fast, accurate and much simpler than manual approaches.

Lieutenant Colonel Nigel Stafford

Ministry of Defence

Using the Trillium Software System we are able to define and test for compliance with our business rules. Not only can we now test rule compliance of single attributes, like diameter, but for the correlation of interdependent data values such as pipe diameter, material and pressure rating.

Wales & West

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