The Challenge

Critical business processes and global operations depend on a trusted view of high-quality supplier information. Distributed supply chain managers often do not have access to synchronized records for vendors and suppliers, resulting in operational inefficiencies, increases in operational costs, and missed deadlines and revenue opportunities.

The Solution

Trillium Software’s data quality solutions allow you to understand, correct and govern data. The solutions adapt and extend to support your organization’s specific needs and drive measurable business results. Your business analysts, supply chain managers and other professionals can use Trillium’s data discovery and quality features to profile, discover and standardize supplier data; aggregate procurement information across geographies; and consolidate parts and materials acquisitions with preferred suppliers. 

The Benefits

Providing a single view of global supplier data, Trillium enables your organization to:

  • Improve business processes and performance
  • Quickly and easily identify alternate suppliers
  • Source and manage inventory strategically
  • Leverage volume discounts with preferred suppliers
  • Capture and reconcile global spend

The Trillium Software Discovery tool is a key component within the Division’s supply chain optimization strategy and enables the Division to understand the quality of their data, develop improvement plans and monitor the data on an ongoing basis.

Babcock Marine Technology

TS Discovery is great for proving whether data is fit-for-purpose. When it comes to identifying problems, it is fast, accurate and much simpler than manual approaches.

Lieutenant Colonel Nigel Stafford

Ministry of Defence

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